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3D Rendering

3D Rendering - Photo Realistic Architectural Illustration

If you are looking for truly POWERFUL, EYE CATCHING IMAGES, nothing can beat a professionally prepared Rendering.

If you aren't familiar with what 3D Rendering is, please take a look at some of the images below for some ideas of what can be done.

Architectural Rendering

We have over 10 years of experience with creating high impact architectural illustration and rendered images in a professional environment for a wide variety of uses.

Small rendered images can be compressed and used on line for high impact web pages, and larger images can be rendered for presentations, slide shows or even large posters and graphics.

You provide the ideas, we'll create a true to life image.

The above image was rendered in 3D Studio Max using the new skylight lighting option for outdoor scenes.

As you can see it provides a nice soft shadow contrast with some color in the shadows that does a much better job of representing real world lighting.

3D Studio Max allows you to specify not only the time of day and time of year but also the geographical location of your site so that you can get a more accurate representation of how your site will look under various lighting conditions.

3D Rendering

We can also render to non-real image types.

3D Renderings can be made to mimic watercolor, colored pencil, as above, oil paint and marking pens, if you prefer something more artistic.

Contact us now for pricing and information on your project. We have experience with Architectural, Engineering, Mechanical, Photo Realistic and Photo Montage renderings as well as web graphics renderings.

Please be sure to enter a correct E-Mail address, otherwise we have no way to answer you!

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Click here to see a slide show of sample Renderings

A Definition of 3D Rendering

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3D Rendering

3D Rendering is the process of producing an image based on three-dimensional data stored within a computer.

Rendering is a creative process that is similar to photography or cinematography, because you are lighting and staging scenes and producing images. Unlike regular photography, however, the scenes being photographed are imaginary, and everything appearing in a 3D rendering needs to be created (or re-created) in the computer before it can be rendered.

This is a lot of work, but allows for an almost infinite amount of creative control over what appears in the scene, and how it is depicted.

The three-dimensional data that is depicted could be a complete scene including geometric models of different three dimensional objects, buildings, landscapes, and animated characters - artists need to create this scene by Modeling and Animating before the Rendering can be done.

The 3D rendering process depicts this three-dimensional scene as a picture, taken from a specified location and perspective.

The rendering could add the simulation of realistic lighting, shadows, atmosphere, color, texture, and optical effects such as the refraction of light or motion-blur seen on moving objects - or the rendering might not be realistic at all, and could be designed to appear as a painting or abstract image.

3D computer graphics are called "3D," because of the way they are made, using 3D computer models to represent scenes before they are rendered. Although 3D graphics could be used in a 3D movie (if they ever became popular again), the final product of a 3D rendering is generally a regular two-dimension image, and these images can be used in printed pictures, on the internet, in interactive media, on TV, or in the movies.

Rendering sometimes takes a long time, even on very fast computers. This is because the software is essentially "photographing" each pixel of the image, and the calculation of the color of just one pixel can involve a great deal of calculation, tracing rays of light as they would bounce around the 3D scene.

To render all the frames of an entire animated movie (such as Shrek, Monsters Inc., or Ice Age) can involve hundreds of computers working continuously for months or years.

Contact Us now for a quote on your 3D Rendering needs

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3D Millennium 3D Textures, models,tutorials and lots of other free stuff.


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