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Free AutoCAD ® Autolisp Routines

A small selection of autolisp routines developed over the years for increased productivity by Wil_Soft Development


Wil_Soft Development

Text Modification Utilities. Included functions:
C:CC - Change case
C:TF - Flip text in place
C:UL - Add or remove underlines
C:TROT - Match rotation of a line or pline.

Wil_Soft Development

A routine to rotate a selection of blocks and text around each individual insert point with one command.

MSCL.LSP: Wil_Soft Development

Scale multiple blocks and text around each individual insert point with one command.

PERPLINE.LSP: Wil_Soft Development

Draws a line perpendicular from end, intersection, mid point, or nearest of any existing line.

MATCHROT.LSP: Wil_Soft Development

Rotate a selection set of text to match the rotation of a selected line or other piece of text from on screen selection.

MTRIM.LSP: Public Domain - Author Unknown

Multiple trim routine. Trims with crossing.

LBLAREA.LSP: Wil_Soft Development

Used to label the area and perimeter of closed polylines such as lot areas. Use Bpoly to create closed polylines if they don't yet exist. Uses current layer and text style with user defined level of precision.

MODBKTXT.LSP: Wil_Soft Development

Edit Text embedded in a Block using a dialog box interface.

RGE.LSP: Wil_Soft Development

A routine to "regenerate" individual or groups of entities. This was originally written because the speed of a drawing regeneration in AutoCAD was painfully slow. The new display list has changed all that but this routine still has many uses.

STY.LSP: Wil_Soft Development

Command line Text properties modification. Routine to modify any combination of style, height, obliqueing angle, width, layer and case of existing text. Style parameters to match can be set through selection of another piece of existing text on screen or through keyboard entry and/or screen picks, then the text to be changed is selected with any of Autocad's standard selection options. The routine then loops through once for each piece of text and modifies it to match the selected parameters.

ERASE.LSP:Wil_Soft Development

A substitute erase command. Un defines the AutoCAD erase and redefines it to be an Auto-Erase. Touch an object and it's gone. Select open spot and drag left, it deletes as a window, drag right and it deletes as a crossing window. Use escape to end command. Also allows any other standard AutoCAD selection modes, but requires no return or enter to delete.

LOTNUM.LSP: Wil_Soft Development

Does consecutive numbers from a starting number up to an end number. Uses current style and layer.

MOFF.LSP: Public Domain - Author Unknown

Multiple offset routine. Simple and quick.

IDLAYER.LSP: Wil_Soft Development

Written in 1990, published in Cadalyst magazine in 1991. Prior to the new AutoCAD display list it would blank the screen and redraw only the entities on a selected layer without any freezing or turning off of layers. It still identifies and lists the number of objects, color and linetype of the layer a selected object resides on. Then you can modify the layer color or linetype, rename the layer, freeze or turn it off or create a selection set from it.

LBLCOORD.LSP: Wil_Soft Development

A routine to label the northing and easting coordinates of a selected point with a text label in the drawing. Make sure your current text style has a height already assigned or it will cause an error.

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